What are the benefits of training?

It’s easy to answer why accident prevention training is important. This is a security issue. But did you know that there are several other advantages behind carrying out this activity? Check out some of them:

Increased employee engagement

Training shows employees that you are investing in them. Let’s be fair: this is not unique to safety training. Any other type of training also generates a similar effect.

Either way, we established a positive feeling of reciprocity. The professional helps the company and the company helps the professional. Due to the good relationship between the parties, a cycle is formed in which the employee tends to be more faithful and really wear the organization’s shirt.

It goes without saying that engagement brings more motivation and more productivity. Therefore, indirectly, organizing safety training will make your team work harder and better.

What is an accident at work?

An accident at work is one that:

occurs as a result of work performed at the service of the employer

causes bodily injury or functional disturbance

causes the death or loss (reduction), permanent or temporary, of the employee’s ability to work

What is an accident at work by equivalence?

When we talk about an accident at work by equivalence, we are referring to an accident that did not necessarily happen at work, but which, depending on the case, may be treated in the same way.

That is, it can even happen outside the work environment, but depending on its characteristics, it will be compared to an accident at work.