Tin ingots stands out due to its superior quality, It is a metal that has adequate humidifying property and the ideal resistance against corrosion-related processes, which makes it essential to be applied as a coating for other metals, since it protects them with great efficiency.



Our main product is tin grade A, which is obtained from the extraction of Cassiterite Ore in electric furnaces. After smelting the tin, it goes through the purification process that will generate the Grade A quality. Tin in its metallic form has several properties favorable to its use, such as: malleable material, crystal structure, low melting point (232 ºC) so it is known as one of the best metals to melt, good conductor of electricity and heat and is highly resistant to corrosion by natural means (air and sea water). The entire process from the raw material to the finished product goes through Quality Control for certification of current Standards. From our main product we produce an extensive line of metal alloys, such as:

  • Tin-Lead Soldering Alloy;
  • Alloy of Jewelry;
  • Metal Patent (Babbit);
  • Special Alloys.