Tin metal stands out due to its superior quality, It is a metal that has adequate humidifying property and the ideal resistance against corrosion-related processes, which makes it essential to be applied as a coating for other metals, since it protects them with great efficiency.



We provide an extensive line of alloys to be used in sliding bearings or critical sliding parts. These alloys are known as Patent Metal, White Metal or Babbits, with their various compositions, properties and purposes but all with a similar characteristic.

The Metal Patent due to its composition has a mixture of rigid particles that are responsible for wear resistance with a smoother particle matrix, this combination is important so that when there is the wear of soft particles the rigid crystals will be exposed allowing the lubrication necessary for the fluidity of the material, thus maintaining the properties of the alloys, which are resistant to friction, wear and also have a low melting point facilitating their deposition in the bearings.

Tin-based alloys: Tin metal is predominant, added antimony and copper. Its use is recommended for high-speed rotors and/or bearings with difficult lubrication. They are highly resistant to impacts.

Application: Sliding bearings or critical sliding parts.

ATTENTION: We manufacture Patent Metal Alloys with special compositions, upon consultation with our Commercial Department.